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Photography was always in my blood. From age 15 I've carried a camera everywhere I go. I view the world like the eye of a lens, always searching for beautiful light, a new angle and a split second in time to capture a story to be told. My passion is telling your Story the way you want it told. I want to know why you are passionate about what you do and how you want to tell the world your story.

I'm an independent operator and collaborate with other creatives on larger projects around the world. Collectively we aim to connect you with your target audience through visual story telling.

Born in New Zealand, I've 30 years experience in the Corporate and Commercial world, at all levels across a wide variety of sectors and countries. Naturally I'm passionate about rugby, but in my spare time I have a personal passion for wildlife and underwater photography.

Sean Brosnan - Brosnan Photography


I take the time to listen and understand your project, what the images or video are for, how you plan to use that content and what your brand strategy is. I then form a plan to capture the right images that tell your story, sell your passion and deliver on your brand message.


I create an experience that puts people at ease and brings their personality, event or brand to life, visually. Even the best cameras can only produce 50% of the final image - my digital editing / post production techniques deliver the additional 50%, once delivered by a specialist in the darkroom.


A picture speaks a thousand words, but unless it speaks the right thousand words and tells the right story then the story is lost. What I do best is understand your story, your brand message and tell it visually to your target audience.