Covid-19 – Dublin City – empty streets video 2020

  As we enter Phase 2+ today on the path to reopen Ireland here’s a look back at a Covid-19 gripped Dublin city, devoid of the normal hustle and bustle of a busy city. Here’s hoping we never see these scenes again… Who know’s what the future holds, but we now have an opportunity to create … Read More

Picture speaks a thousand words

A picture speaks a thousand words, but unless it speaks the right thousand words and tells the right story then the story is lost. What I do best is understand your story, your brand message and tell it visually to your target audience. Most people hate having their photograph taken and would rather run and … Read More

Behind the scenes

A behind the scenes look at some photography and video shoots taking place. Its not something I often think about to share as I’m busy taking photos or video and telling my clients story, but its nice to have a few photos to share.