Smartphone vs Professional Interview

In today’s digital world of smartphones and point & shoot cameras is there still a need for Professional Photographers? In this short radio interview I begin to answer this complex question. Do you want to know how to control your camera and take great photos? Get in touch today at Brosnan Photography for our latest … Read More

Why Video?

Why video? Why should consider using video to tell your story, why should you tell potential clients what you do through the medium of video? Because you potential clients what to know how you are going to solve their problem and why they should choose you over your competitors. Video is a fantastic tool that … Read More

Importance of Video

Video is an integral part of brand communication and it is a medium growing rapidly. Search engines such as Google love video content and all the stats indicate consumers want to know What you do, How you do it and more importantly WHY you do it in a short, concise¬†way. A well planned video is … Read More