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Video is an integral part of brand communication and it is a medium growing rapidly. Search engines such as Google love video content and all the stats indicate consumers want to know What you do, How you do it and more importantly WHY you do it in a short, concise way. A well planned video is the perfect medium for that demand.

People Remember;

  1. 20% of what they hear
  2. 30% of what they see
  3. 70% of what they hear and see

Corporate Video is the area we specialise in, specifically bringing your Story-to-Life through well planned high-end video productions, that are aligned with your brand & communication strategy.

Key tips for a successful video; Its all in the planning – the pre-production phase is key to success.. Always remain authentic and true to your brand, know your audience, create buzz-worthy content, involve customers, why are you creating the video – what’s your goal, have a key message, and keep your video under 2 mins..

There is a 4 stage process to successful video production;

  1. Pre-Production – Creative Strategy & Planning
  2. The Shoot
  3. Post-Production – The Edit
  4. Video SEO & Distribution – Video Marketing

Some stats to consider;

  • 35% of Social Media users are on YouTube(Ipsos MRBI)
  • 44% of Irish businesses are on YouTube(
  • 56% of all consumers web traffic is video(Cisco’s Visual Networking Index)
  • 86% of Internet traffic by 2016 will be Online Video(Cisco’s Visual Networking Index)
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world(SES conference San Francisco)
  • 4 billion + videos are viewed on YouTube daily, with 25% being from a mobile device (SES conference San Francisco)
  • 5m business searches daily on YouTube (SES conference San Francisco)
  • YouTube is 2nd most visited site for business related searches by B2B (SES conference San Francisco)
  • There are 400 Tweets per minute containing a YouTube link..(
  • Over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook (
  • Tablet users are engaged with video for 40% longer than Mobile users  (Ooyala global report)


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