I love watching the penny drop! Yes that’s right I'm really passionate about photography and love watching the penny drop when the knowledge I’ve shared sinks in. I have over 20 years experience training people, but more importantly teaching them to understand the knowledge being shared.

Learning Photography is like learning to drive a car.. its not overly complex, there’s just a lot to it.


If you, or someone you know answers yes to any of these questions, we need to talk! 

  1. Do you own a Digital SLR camera and want to learn how to ‘take-control’ of your camera?
  2. Do you want to produce great photos?
  3. Are you still using ‘Auto’, but want to start using the manual functions?
  4. Are you using the manual functions such as A/AV, S/TV, M, but not getting the results?
  5. I don’t understand what exposure is or how to achieve it?
  6. Are you frustrated and want to have fun taking photos again?

In order to improve your photography you have take control of the camera. When was the last time you pushed ‘auto’, sat back and enjoyed the ride while you car drove itself?

Auto is a marketers dream, if they told you your new Digital SLR didn’t have an Auto function you wouldn’t buy the camera! However, using Auto on a Digital SLR camera is like only using 2nd gear in your car and wondering why it ‘works’, but doesn’t give you the best results or performance..

‘Auto’ delivers its best results on a point & shoot camera, because that’s what its designed to do! 

I offer group and one-on-one training sessions specialising in control, repetition, the equipment you need vs. want! Some of the many areas I covered are;

  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of field.
  • Jargon such as Pixels, DPI, Cropping, Noise, JPEG vs RAW, F-Stops, Leading Lines, Glass.
  • Rule of thirds, Focus Points.
  • Light – where to find it and how to control it.
  • White Balance, Focal Length, Composition.
  • Exposure, Exposure, Exposure.. Understand it - Achieve it!
  • Post production processing / retouching. 
  • Managing your data. 
  • Resources available.